This information provided courtesy of ADOT

The Arizona Department of Transportation Enforcement Compliance Division (ADOT ECD) says that there are higher than normal instances of trucks attempting to cross the border with out-of-service violations, overweight trucks without a permit, and certain repeated less severe violations that are not being addressed.  While more than 90 percent of trucks comply with the safety and permitting requirements, ADOT is asking for industry’s help to reduce the unnecessary violations to keep trade moving.

Trucks must buy an overweight permit when crossing the border if they want to carry up more than 80,000 pounds and up to 90,800 pounds total.  Also, a truck that is overweight at the ADOT facility without a permit will not be allowed to offload pallets onto another truck in the compound.  Those trucks are being returned to Mexico. This is happening predominantly in produce trucks given that produce is covered under the overweight permit process with ADOT.  Please talk to your transportation company owners so they are taking the proper steps to permit their overweight trucks.

ADOT is also seeing higher numbers of Out-of-Service violations, mostly related to brakes, tires, frames, and lights.  It is apparent to ADOT that drivers are not conducting pre-trip inspections or are driving the truck even when there is an Out-of-Service violation.  Out-of-service violations mean trucks cannot drive out of the port and must be towed to a repair facility.

In addition, drivers are being fined for other violations that are less severe than out-of-service violations.  Many drivers are arriving with repeat violations that are not being repaired by transportation company owners. These issues impact a company’s inspection percentages in ADOT and will result in higher percentages of trucks being inspected.  When a truck has a violation, ADOT inspectors are showing the driver the exact violation that needs to be addressed so there is no confusion about what is causing the fine.

ADOT’s Border Liaison Unit is training drivers on necessary pre-trip inspections and maintenance requirements.  Drivers and transportation companies are encouraged to attend a BLU training session to ensure they are taking proper steps with their trucks before crossing the border.

To eliminate delays for your trucks, please work with your transportation companies to insist that owners repair violations, both out-of-service and others.  Also, please insist that trucking companies are properly permitting their trucks with overweight permits where necessary.  This will eliminate safety violations in trucks, and it will ensure your products arrive to your warehouse without unnecessary delays when a truck is stopped or returned to Mexico.