The FPAA also follows up changes in the Mexican labor law, especially the changes that affect agricultural labor, such as increases in wages, minimum age to work in the fields, agricultural worker unions, etc. As part of these efforts the FPAA continues supporting and participating with the Alianza Hortofrutícola Internacional para el Fomento de la Responsabilidad Social (AHIFORES). This year, AHIFORES communication efforts included social responsibility campaigns, seminars and workshops about outsourcing legislation reforms, social security, and labor inspections. The FPAA has been working with AHIFORES to promote social responsibility best practices and bring awareness of industry labor issues.

FPAA has been meeting with new appointed officials at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City; USDA FAS in Monterrey, Mexico Office; Mexican Embassy in D.C.; the Mexican Consulate in Nogales AZ; and the New Mexican Customs Agency (ANAM) in Nogales.

These are just the highlights of last year’s Mexico’s advocacy efforts that FPAA does on the behalf of its members