FPAA Cosigns Letter to the President on Federal Policy Reforms

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President of FPAA, Lance Jungmeyer, cosigned a letter from the Border Trade Alliance to President Joseph R. Biden. The letter expresses concern about the increasing volume of asylum seekers at the United States -Mexico border and how the situation was becoming more untenable by the day, placing tremendous pressure on the very limited resources of [...]

HTS Code Updates on Cucumbers, Chili Peppers, Squash, Grapes and more

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The USDA regularly updates an excel spreadsheet with new HTS codes for agriculture commodities.  Linked below the is latest list that is effective as of January 1, 2023.  Previous additions to the list included additional HTS codes for tomatoes, bell peppers, and other items.  Now there are new codes listed for various types of cucumbers, [...]

FPAA Signs Letter Calling for Congress to Avert Rail Service Shutdown

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The FPAA joined 193 agriculture groups under the Ag Transportation Working Group (ATWG) calling for swift action from Congress to help avert a rail strike.  The ATWG wrote, “A strike or lockout combined with existing challenges in the rail system, at our ports, with trucking and with record low water levels on the Mississippi River impacting [...]

Fresh Produce Association of the Americas Issues Statement About Texas DPS Truck Inspections

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P.O. Box 848, Nogales, AZ 85628 Ph. (520) 287-2707, Fax (520) 287-2948  Contact:  Lance Jungmeyer (lance@freshfrommexico.com) or Allison Moore (amoore@freshfrommexico.com) Governor Abbott: Reconsider State DPS Produce Inspections to Help Feed Texas Families, Save Texas Jobs Fresh Produce Association of the Americas issues Statement About Texas  DPS Truck Inspections April 11, 2022 Over $9 billion dollars’ worth [...]

FPAA Meets with Arizona Department of Ag, USDA on Grape Inspections

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Members and staff of the FPAA met with representatives from the Arizona Department of Agriculture (ADA), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and Juan Laborin from the Sonora Grape Growers Association (AALPUM) on March 31, 2022.  The group discussed preparedness measures in advance of the projected 25 million box grape season beginning in late April and [...]

Grape 2022 Press Conference RECAP

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Below you will find a recap of the 2022 Grape Press conference hosted by AALPUM. Please reach out with any questions. GRAPE UPDATES: Items to Note The data below represents potential crop estimates for ALL markets, including all export markets and domestic shipments All information presented reflects production from the State of Sonora. This includes the [...]