FPAA Important Issues

The FPAA is a united voice for members when working toward the enhancement of member access to North American markets. We continually develop and nurture strong, healthy relationships with the U.S. and Mexican government agencies to facilitate the development of laws and regulations related to trade, food safety, sustainability and agriculture in general. The FPAA supports collaboration between the CBP and the Government of Mexico for these and other important issues under the strong framework of established trade agreements.

FPAA important issues

  • Trade

  • D.C.

  • Mexico

  • Sustainability

  • Food safety

Trade Trade issues and agreements between the U.S. and Mexico
D.C. FPAA spends considerable time and effort working with elected leaders, agency staff, and allied groups in Washington, D.C.
Mexico FPAA meets regularly with Mexican officials and grower associations.
Sustainability Examining Agricultural Support and Subsidies in the U.S and Mexico.
Food Safety FPAA and its members are dedicated to providing consumers with safe and healthy fruits and vegetables.