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USTR Action Unwarranted

Concessions to Southeast producers will undermine USMCA and could raise prices for consumers On September 1, 2020, the United States Trade Representative released its plan which includes 201 investigations on [...]

FPAA Staff Positioned for Success

FPAA Staff Positioned for Success Felix, Yubeta Promoted to New Roles   Nogales, AZ-- NOGALES, Ariz. (Aug. 24, 2020) - In order to ensure growth in a changing environment, the [...]


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“I applaud FPAA’s commitment on developing into leaders of the fresh produce industry.”
Walter Ram, Giumarra Companies
“Our presence is important. The FPAA staff is knowledgable and helpful. They attend grape convention and the PMA event. They are supportive and that is what sets us apart from larger associations. The work done at FPAA is very important.”
“It’s a great org and people do a lot, they are volunteers who care. The board deals at a high level and the org is active. FPAA does help the industry at the highest level and hard work. The change of board members on a annual basis helps keep ideas fresh.”
Hector Suarez, Suarez Brokerage CHB

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