Years Strong

Thirty-nine percent of all imported fruits and vegetables consumed in North America are represented by FPAA. Fresh produce imports from Mexico through Arizona BPOE increased nearly fifteen percent in 2016 to $3.3 billion dollars, a $418.7 million dollar increase from the previous period.

39% of Fruits & Vegetables consumed in North America
14.6% YOY increase from 2016
$418.7 million increase from 2016
FPAA and its members help to ensure North America’s uninterrupted access to fresh, high-quality, healthy and delicious Mexican-grown fruits and vegetables.

In 1905, the first rail car carrying fresh produce from Mexico crossed the border at Nogales, Arizona. Today, Mexico has become the top supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables for the United States – and the FPAA is the leading agent of produce trade at the U.S.-Mexico border and across the country.

Founded in Nogales, Arizona, in 1944, the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas has grown to become one of the most influential agricultural groups in the United States. Today, the FPAA provides a powerful voice for improvement and sustainability, serving the needs of more than 100 North American companies involved in the growth, harvest, marketing, import, and distribution of Mexican produce.

Mexico represents 39% of all imported fruits and vegetables consumed in North America annually. Nogales is the largest port of entry for produce grown in Mexico, and facilitates nearly 5 billion pounds and 3 billion dollars worth of fruits and vegetables through its port each year. The FPAA is over 100 members strong and focused on critical business objectives to ensure the health of our industry.

Our efforts, combined with the support of our members, yield positive results. We initiated and support major changes that benefit the industry of produce trade across the Mexican border.

Recently we have:

  • Provided members with education on best practices in social responsibility.
  • Saved importers nearly $1 billion by spearheading an effort that eliminated high duties on Mexican tomatoes.
  • Negotiated government protocols that ensured the continued importation of safe Mexican produce in the United States following the discovery of medflies in Tijuana.
  • Rallied legislative support to help refurbish and expand the ports of entry serving our industry and to reduce traffic congestion near the Rio Rico Industrial Park in Nogales, Arizona.

Making A Difference

Over the years efforts by the FPAA have greatly increased the speed of agriculture inspections for all imported fresh produce. We have been instrumental in:

  • Successful lobbying for improvements to expand ports of entry
  • Streamlining the inspection process for low-risk commodities and increased the resources available for commodities that require more extensive review
  • Promoting inspection systems that protect the cold-chain and help preserve the freshness of our produce
  • Coordinating with allied organizations to eradicate unfair trade practices
  • Educating officials on importation issues for Mexican produce

FPAA represents U.S. distributors of Mexican produce at major and regional industry events, including PMA’s Fresh Summit the United Fresh Produce Association Convention, Southeast Produce Council, Fresh Produce and Floral Council and others.

We also participate in numerous committees and advisory councils including the United Fresh Produce Association’s Government Relations Council, the North American Trade Taskforce, the Food Safety and Technology Committee, and more.

FPAA is committed to ensuring Mexico’s fresh produce industry follows socially responsible business practices, including fair treatment of labor. Our focus includes monitoring issues related to worker treatment, and working in collaboration with other organizations – either in the Mexican government or non-governmental organizations to share and implement best practices across farms.

FPAA staff is knowledgeable on a wide range of issues impacting member companies and the industry.  Staff can assist with:

  • Individual members on how existing and new government regulations may impact their operating procedures
  • Members involved in food safety recalls or other sudden crisis events that could significantly disrupt operations for members

We keep our members up-to-date on the latest industry issues through regular seminars, member alerts, meetings and our annual convention. FPAA members also have access to the latest crossing and historical pricing data, as well as weather and market information through this website.

Potential buyers can also search freshfrommexico.com for FPAA members who supply specific varieties of fresh produce.

The FPAA also maintains a resume bank for members looking for new employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of being a member of the FPAA?2017-06-06T17:21:37+00:00

Only members of the FPAA have special access to up-to-date reports addressing such topics as daily produce shipments and crossings, terminal market news and information about particular crops. Members also receive local and national legislation updates, world news pertaining to the Mexican produce industry and updates about FPAA projects, efforts and events. The FPAA provides education and support to meet individual members’ specific needs, and we spearhead relief efforts to members during times of crisis.

How can I become a member of the FPAA?2017-06-06T17:21:02+00:00

Becoming a member is easy. Learn more in our membership section, or call us at 520-287-2707 for more information.

Read more here: General Membership Information

Is Mexican produce safe?2017-06-06T17:19:59+00:00

Absolutely! Mexican produce is held to the same high safety standard as U.S. produce. In fact, the FDA tests the safety levels of Mexican fruits and vegetables nine times as stringently as it does domestic produce. Many Mexican growers also contract with U.S.-based, third-party certification companies to make absolutely sure that their safety procedures from the fields to the packing houses are top-notch.

Read more here: Food Safety

Who has what kinds of produce?2017-09-01T21:25:21+00:00

The FPAA makes it easy to discover who might be currently carrying the produce you are looking for. Follow this link to determine produce availability.

When is the produce I want ready to be shipped?

Check our region chart of growing seasons for major varieties.

What kinds of produce come out of Mexico?2017-09-14T15:23:56+00:00

Almost any kind you can think of! Because of Mexico’s diverse growing regions and climates, a huge assortment of produce varieties are available all year round.

Read more here: Producers & Suppliers