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2024 WERA-72 Annual Meeting

FRESH PLAZA “What to expect from this year’s SWIPE”

BLUEBOOK SERVICES “FPAA reveals SWIPE 2024 agenda, new partnership”

FRESH FRUIT PORTAL “Arizona and Florida split over ongoing tomato tiff with Mexico”

FRESH PLAZA “Spring Policy Summit keynote tackles US-Mexico trade”

BLUEBOOK SERVICES “Arizona leaders support maintaining Tomato Suspension Agreement”

BLUEBOOK SERVICES “FPAA Spring Policy Summit to highlight U.S.-Mexico trade”

BLUEBOOK SERVICES “FPAA expands national outreach with business development consultants”

THE PACKER “Fresh Produce Association of Americas adds produce industry veterans”

THE PRODUCE NEWS “FPAA expands national outreach”

BLUEBOOK SERVICES “Food safety working group to meet at FPAA Spring Policy Summit 2024”

FRESH PLAZA “FPAA hosts governor to talk tomatoes, border infrastructure and more”

BLUEBOOK SERVICES “FPAA hosts Arizona governor for discussions on tomatoes and border infrastructure”

THE PRODUCE NEWS “FPAA hosts Gov. Katie Hobbs for discussions on produce industry”

FRESH PLAZA “Key topics for Spring Policy Summit 2024 announced”

BLUEBOOK SERVICES “FPAA announces Spring Policy Summit 2024, key topics”

THE PRODUCE NEWS “FPAA will hold 2024 Spring Policy Summit”

FRESH PLAZA “Webinar on business impact of duties on tomatoes from Mexico”

BLUEBOOK SERVICES “FPAA to host webinar on tomato suspension agreement”

THE PACKER “Tomato antidumping duties would be a disaster for all parties”

BLUE BOOK SERVICES “FPAA releases statement on cantaloupe outbreak”

FARM PROGRESS “Produce expo discusses dealing with disruptions”

FRUIT GROWERS NEWS “FPAA inaugural SWIPE expo hailed as success”

THE PRODUCE NEWS “FPAA’s inaugural expo proves fruitful for buyers and exhibitors”

ABASTO “FPAA’s Inaugural SouthWest International Produce Expo was a success”

PRODUCE BLUE BOOK “Photos from inaugural SWIPE event”

PRODUCE BLUE BOOK “FPAA panel touts supply diversification and relationships”

PRODUCE BLUE BOOK “FPAA recaps inaugural SWIPE event”

ANDNOWUKNOW “Fresh Produce Association of the Americas Elects New Board Members and Presents Multiple Honors”

THE PACKER “FPAA announces elected board members for 2023”

PRODUCE BLUE BOOK “SWIPE golf tournament to benefit Boys & Girls Club”

THE PACKER “FPAA to host women in produce leadership session at SWIPE 2023”

PRODUCE BLUE BOOK “Headed to SWIPE? Here’s the event agenda”

BLUE BOOK SERVICES “SWIPE 2023 session spotlights women leaders in produce”

PERISHABLE NEWS “Nogales Produce Pioneer Emilia Gotsis Honored as Pillar of the FPAA”

HORTI DAILY “Battle over US-Mexico Tomato Suspension Agreement continues”

THE PACKER “West Mexico distributors on the upswing”

PRODUCE BUSINESS MAGAZINE “Mexico’s booming produce growth” pages 49-50

THE PRODUCE NEWS “FPAA gears up for the 2023 Spring Policy Summit”

FRONTERAS “New cold storage facilities open at the Mariposa port of entry in Nogales”