Lance Jungmeyer
Lance JungmeyerPresident
Lance Jungmeyer is President of the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas (FPAA), an industry association representing importers of Mexican produce, based in Nogales, Ariz. In addition to his role at FPAA, Jungmeyer is on the Board of Directors of the Border Trade Alliance, and he is active on the United Fresh Produce Association’s Government Relations Council, as well as the Canadian Produce Marketing Association’s North America Trade Task Force. He is co-chair of the North American Produce Food Safety Working Group. Group, North American Trade Task Force, a committee of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association and Southern Arizona Transportation Council.
Allison Moore
Allison MooreVice President
Allison Moore is Vice President of the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas (FPAA) and has been with the association for since 2001 working on government affairs issues related to cross border trade, agriculture, food safety, and more. She currently sits on the board of the Economic Development Foundation and Nogales Community Development. Moore also served for several years as a board member on the Greater Nogales Santa Cruz County Port Authority. Through her involvement in the produce industry, Moore actively works to strengthen produce businesses through bringing infrastructure improvements to the area, working on Federal regulatory issues, enhancing Customs and Border Protection processes and integration with industry and partnering government agencies in the U.S. and Mexico, and creating a more effective business environment for the members of the produce industry.
Georgina Felix Berrueto
Georgina Felix BerruetoDirector of Operations & International Affairs
Georgina Felix Berrueto is the Director of Operations & International Affairs of the Fresh Produce Association (FPAA). Georgina has been with the FPAA for over 14 years working on Interinstitutional public relations with foreign and local governmental agencies and grower’s associations abroad. Georgina currently represents the FPAA on the Mexican Customs and Mexican Military Outreach Meetings, the Technical Peer Group for Foreign Trade Facilitation, the Nogales Corridor Workgroup and facilitates the coordination for the Trucking Industry Workgroup, which includes Mexican growers’ organizations, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Arizona Department of Transportation, and trucking companies.
Conchita Singh
Conchita SinghAccounting & Human Resources
Conchita has 32 years experience in the produce industry and volunteers accounting services for the Greater Nogales Santa Cruz County Port Authority and also oversees all their financial activities.
Emmis Yubeta
Emmis YubetaDirector of Membership & Events
Emmis has 11 years experience in the produce industry and represents the FPAA on the Nogales Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee, she works with the Santa Cruz College to provide Continuing Education courses for the community and is a member of the Local Advisory Committee for Career and Technical Education at Rio Rico High School.
Andrea Ortega
Andrea OrtegaCommunications Coordinator
Andrea has a strong background in marketing, communications, event coordination, and project management. Additionally, Andrea is also involved with various organizations including the Arizona Industry Fellows and the Greater Green Valley Community Foundation where she sits as an Economic Development Advisor.

Board of Directors

 Scott Vandervoet, Past Chairman 
Vandervoet and Associates, Inc.
 Bobby Astengo
Peppers Plus, LLC.
Gonzalo Avila
Malena Produce, Inc.
 Jaime Chamberlain
J-C Distributing, Inc.
Chris Ciruli, Mango Division Chair
Ciruli Brothers
 Raquel Espinoza
Produce House
Jorge Games
Atlas International
Juan Manuel Ibarra Pablos
Marengo Foods Company LLC
Demetrio A. Kyriakis
K&K International Logistics – Nogales Customs House Brokers Association
Martin Ley
Shipley Sales
Matt Mandel
Sun Fed
 James Martin
Wilson Produce, LLC
Leonardo Tarriba, Chairman
Farmer’s Best, International
Rod Sbragia, Chairman Elect
Tricar Sales
Jose Antonio Martinez
Divine Flavor LLC
Eric Meyer
Prime Time International
 Juan Pablo Monlina
Fresh Farms
 Bert Monteverde, Jr.
H.M. Distributors, Inc.
Jimmy Munguia, Tomato Division Chair
Del Campo Supreme
John Pandol, Grape Division Chair
Pandol Brothers, Inc.
 Walter Ram
The Giumarra Companies
Profile photo of Miguel Mikee Suarez
 Mikee Suarez
M.A.S Melons & Grapes, LLC
Lesley Sykes
Sykes Co.
Chuck Thomas
Thomas Produce


The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas, on behalf of its members, advocates for support of the fresh produce industry not only on a city and state level but also at the national level. The FPAA members converge on Washington D.C. during an annual advocacy trip each year in order to further strengthen governmental ties and support. It’s not uncommon to frequently see FPAA staff and members in Washington, DC, advocating for the fresh produce industry and demonstrating the benefits of trade with Mexico for U.S. businesses and the economy. It is an impressive sight when a large group of FPAA members sit down at conference tables and in Congressional offices to advocate for the association’s member companies.

The FPAA encourages members to become involved!

The executive committee is nominated by the board of director distributor members, and consists of the Chairman, Chairman Elect and seven (7) distributor member directors. The executive committee may exercise the powers of the board of directors, and shall report its actions to the board of directors at the board of directors’ meetings. The executive committee meets no less than monthly.

Gonzalo Avila Walter Ram
Jaime Chamberlain Rod Sbragia
Matt Mandel Mikee Suarez
James Martin Leonardo Tarriba
Jose Antonio Martinez Scott Vandervoet
The budget committee is responsible for analyzing the FPAA’s past income and expenditures, projecting the upcoming year’s truck crossings and estimating expenditures to set the budget for the upcoming scal year.

Gonzalo Avila Matt Mandel
Jaime Chamberlain Bert Monteverde, Jr.
The building committee is responsible for making decisions on infrastructure of FPAA office including additions and alterations to the office building.

Gonzalo Avila Bert Monteverde, Jr.
Jaime Chamberlain Matt Mandel
The crisis management committee is responsible for working with FPAA staff to develop and continually improve contingency plans on all possible negative events that could impact FPAA members. is would include: food safety outbreaks, border closures and other committee-defined potential crisis.

Jaime Chamberlain Martin Ley
Chris Ciruli Walter Ram
The convention committee is responsible for establishing the goal of this celebration as well as overseeing its planning and execution.

Rod Sbragia Gonzalo Avila
Chuck Thomas Mikee Suarez
The higher education committee works closely with educational institutions such as UA and ASU to facilitate intern and research programs.

Chris Ciruli Chairman, Mango Division
Jimmy Munguia Chairman, Tomato Division
John Pandol Chairman, Grape Division
Gonzalo Avila
Rod Sbragia
Scott Vandervoet