For a Better Today … For a Better Tomorrow

From field to fork, FPAA Members are embracing innovation and new technology to ensure the sustainability of their farms, warehouses and shipping practices.

On The Farm

Mexican growers embrace evolving agriculture technologies to provide consumers around the world with year-round access to safe and healthy fresh fruits and vegetables:

  • Greenhouse technologies allow farmers to grow more with less, which means reduced inputs, including water, pesticides, and fertilizers

  • Integrated pest management practices means less pesticide use and enhanced safety for workers

FPAA Members and their growers have a healthy respect for Mother Nature. In order to help feed a burgeoning world population, farmers use traditional plant breeding methods to improve characteristics in fresh fruits and vegetables, including:

  • Sweeter, juicier fruits and vegetables with better flavor
  • Varieties able to withstand the rigors of shipping
  • Varieties best suited to different climates to ensure year-round availability

In The Supply Chain

FPAA Members are investing in cutting-edge sustainable packaging that uses less plastic and corrugated materials, while protecting the flavor and safety of fresh produce.

In order to reduce their carbon footprint, FPAA Members continue to find ways to maximize packaging in order to put more produce on each truckload. This helps cut fuel costs and reduces food miles. And by adding aerodynamic skirting to their trailers and investing in the latest, most fuel-efficient trucks, companies are reducing emissions.

At the Warehouse

From California to Arizona to Texas, with warehouses located along the sunny Southwest border, FPAA Members are investing in solar technologies to shrink their electricity usage.

Inside the warehouses, companies are adding energy efficient lighting and using computer technology to synchronize cooling mechanisms in order to further reduce electricity use.