Local Community Answers Request for Produce Donations to Northern Arizona Tribal Nations

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Nogales, AZ—Early on Wednesday morning, members of Arizona’s National Guard arrived at Santa Cruz Cold Storage in Rio Rico, Arizona to pick up three truckloads of fresh produce destined for the Hopi, Navajo, and White Mountain Apache Nations in Northeast Arizona.  They are among the hardest hit communities facing the coronavirus outbreak. The produce shipments are [...]

Arizona Produce Companies Step Up for Area Food Drives

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Nogales, AZ-- Produce companies in Southern Arizona have been answering the call for area assistance in bringing healthy food to the most vulnerable people in their communities.  Santa Cruz County Supervisor Bruce Bracker knew the issues brought about by the COVID-19 response would create some unprecedented challenges for his community.  When he started receiving calls from [...]

FPAA Salutes Our Members, Heroes in the US Food Supply Chain

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Nogales, AZ--Since the beginning days of our Nation’s response to this pandemic, our members and their teams acted quickly to implement strong measures to protect their staff so that they could all work to protect the integrity of the US food supply chain.  Their efforts, day in and day out, honor their commitment to making sure [...]

A Note from the FPAA President: COVID-19 Get Financial Help for Your Business

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Dear Members of the FPAA, These are difficult times in your business, and you may be facing tough decisions about your lines of credit, about your payroll, or other aspects. While the tunnel is dark, there are some points of light that can give direction to your business strategy. If you are a small business owner, [...]