FPAA, Mariposa Community Health, Santa Cruz County Host Covid-19 Preparedness Webinar

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Santa Cruz County and Mariposa Community Health Clinic presented important information in mitigating the spread of Covid-19.  Over the next several months, it is extremely important to maintain mitigation strategies for both the Flu and Covid-19.  The Flu and Covid-19 have similar symptoms, with loss of taste and smell being particular to Covid-19.  The only way [...]

FPAA Hiring Communications Coordinator

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The FPAA is looking for a full time Communications Coordinator. Job Summary: Broadly, the person in this position will have to ensure effective communications about the issues and directives of the FPAA with government officials, other U.S. associations, the media and FPAA Members. Additionally, He/She will work with FPAA leadership to develop messaging and communications plans, [...]