Join us for the 50th Annual Nogales Produce Convention

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FPAA Fall Convention - 50 Years of Celebration FPAA 2018 Fall Convention Schedule of Events DRAFT Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018 10:00 a.m.–4:00pm      Registration – At Otero House at the Tubac Golf Resort and Spa 8:30 a.m. – CBP 101: Demonstrating Concepts in Customs Clearance – How does U.S. Customs and Border Protection clear more than [...]

To Favor a Few Agribusinesses, U.S. NAFTA Objective Would Hurt All Consumers- August 9, 2017

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WHY SHOULD I CARE? Companies involved in the trade of perishable agriculture commodities need to be aware that a small group of politically connected, wealthy agribusiness firms from Florida are seeking concessions from the Federal government to effectively subsidize their industry by raising prices, an act that would deprive Americans of affordable fruits and vegetables.  As [...]

FPAA Rebuts Florida Tomato Exchange Comments to House Ag Committee

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In a letter to Rep. Michael Conaway, Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, FPAA filed the following rebuttal to comments from Mr. Reginald Brown before that Committee. Following is the text of the letter: Aug. 8, 2017 Chairman Michael Conaway House of Representatives, Agriculture Committee 1301 Longworth, Washington, DC 20515   RE: Rebuttal to Comments from [...]