FPAA Continues to Work with Officials on Importance of Border Resources to Ensure Processing of Commercial Cargo

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The FPAA continues to monitor operations at ports of entry related to commercial cargo crossings and increased pressure on border resources due to migrant crossings. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) continues to process commercial cargo, and the FPAA reiterates how important it is to ensure that CBP has resources to continue to staff ports of [...]

Searchable HTS Code Updates

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USDA has issued an updated list of HTS Codes that will be updated effective on January 1, 2024. There are quite a few new organic codes that will go into effect and a lot of changes to cucumbers and tomatoes so please pay particular attention to those commodities. Please work closely with your custom house broker to [...]

FPAA Offers Free Webinar Detailing the Business Impact of Potential Duties on Tomatoes from Mexico

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The Fresh Produce Association of America (FPAA) is pleased to announce a free upcoming webinar focusing on the potential impacts of the termination of the 2019 Tomato Suspension Agreement. This webinar is a response to the Florida Tomato Exchange's (FTE) request for the Department of Commerce to terminate the 2019 Suspension Agreement on Fresh Tomatoes [...]

Updates on Current Recall / Outbreak

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Facts about the Cantaloupe Recall The U.S., Canada, and Mexico have been working closely on a recent outbreak and recall associated with cantaloupes.  This close coordination to help limit the impact as much as possible ensures that impacted products are removed from the marketplace to protect public health. The product was first recalled on Nov. [...]