Nogales, AZ–Since the beginning days of our Nation’s response to this pandemic, our members and their teams acted quickly to implement strong measures to protect their staff so that they could all work to protect the integrity of the US food supply chain.  Their efforts, day in and day out, honor their commitment to making sure Americans have access to fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables.

This is the commitment our members have lived up to for over a century.  In times of war and peace, crisis and everyday life, the members of the FPAA know they are essential in delivering the fresh fruits and vegetables that fill grocery shelves and restaurant menus.

From dispatchers to sales staff, warehouse experts and quality control supervisors, the men and women of the fresh produce industry in Southern Arizona, South Texas, and Southern California continue to show up each and every day for the American public.  They secure their masks and gloves, they check and recheck health and safety measures, they maintain strict controls on access to their warehouses, and they load and ship the highest quality, freshest produce that our industry is known for.  They work closely with their trusted partners in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico that are taking the same stringent health and safety measures on their farms so that our members can continue to supply the highest quality fruits and vegetables.

The staff of the FPAA is acting diligently to assist our members in any way we can through this challenging time.  We hold video meetings and answer questions. We share the latest government recommendations to members and advocate for their needs to continue to do their jobs.  All the while, our members get up, show up, and take the steps they do so the U.S. food supply is secure and so that we all can find the foods we need to stay healthy when we shop.  As Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue says, the real heroes are the people showing up on the front lines[1].  We couldn’t be more grateful for their efforts.

Our members are American companies working hard for North Americans.  They are on the front lines of our food supply chain.  In these uncertain times, they provide stability.  They are vital to our economy, and they are vital for our health.  They know America depends on them to have the food we need. We thank you for your commitment and hard work.