Arizona Celebrates 106th Birthday

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Arizona just celebrated 106 years of statehood! Arizona became a territory on Feb. 24, 1863. Forty-nine years later, statehood was achieved on Feb. 14, 1912. Arizona is extremely important to the country- Here is a quick fact! Nogales funnels an estimated $30 billion worth of international trade into Arizona and the United States, per year, in [...]

Wilson Produce Transitions Farm to Organic

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Wilson Produce has completed the three-year transition to organic production on its 150-acre farm in Sinaloa, Mexico. “Our use of cover crops, companion crops and compost have all enhanced the quality of our soil, the quality of our products, and have made this challenging transition possible,” James Martin, director of sustainability, said in a news release. [...]


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The National Mango Board (NMB) is currently accepting nominees for six Board Member positions with terms beginning January 2019. The NMB is made up of mango importers, a first handler, domestic producers and foreign producers who dedicate themselves to the mission, goals and objectives of the NMB. These Board Members work closely with the NMB staff [...]

Santa Cruz Center Offers Continuing Education Courses Tailored to Fresh Produce

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The Santa Cruz Center & Zigma Consulting are offering continuing education courses in Microsoft Excel: Intermediate Level, Effective Negotiations Workshop 2.0, Lean Warehouse Workshop, Project Management Workshop, Microsoft Excel: Advanced Level, 5s and Visual Administration Workshop & Operational Excellence (OPEX) and Strategic Planning Workshop.  Details of each course are listed below!  Please contact the Santa Cruz [...]

FDA: Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Constituent Update

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Explaining How the Voluntary Qualified Importer Program Will Work January 2, 2018 The Voluntary Qualified Importer Program, or VQIP, is a voluntary, fee-based program for importers that will allow expedited review and importation of human and animal foods into the United States for approved applicants who achieve and maintain a high level of control over the [...]

FPAA Attends AMC Annual Meeting

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November 30 – December 1st 2017 Puerto Peñasco, Sonora FPAA Board Director Jaime Chamberlain and Foreign Affairs Director Georgina Felix participated in the AMC Annual meeting that took place in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. Felix participated in the committee Sessions for Agribusiness and Wildlife, and Transportation, Infrastructure & Ports. Additionally, Felix and Jaime Chamberlain participated in the [...]

US Delays Mandate for Electronic Login Devices

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Article by Tom Karst of The Packer Truckers carrying fresh produce and other agricultural commodities have been given a 90-day temporary waiver from Electronic Logging Device rule mandate that will be implemented Dec. 18. In addition to the 90-day waiver, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said in late November it will [...]

FPAA Hosts Tour at Malena Warehouse

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The FPAA hosts several tours for groups interested on learning about the produce industry. On Tuesday, Dec. 28 the FootLoose Singles Club of Green Valley met at the FPAA office where Allison Moore gave a presentation on the produce industry, the group then headed over to the Malena Produce where Juan Chavez gave a tour of [...]