On February 18, 2021 FPAA, Coogan & Martin, AMHPAC, and CAADES hosted the Tomato Suspension Agreement Webinar where attendees had the opportunity to review the Tomato Suspension Agreement and the requirements to help companies ensure they were in compliance with the agreement. Attendees had the opportunity ask questions and for clarification on items listed on the agreement. Thank you to all those who participated!

We have put together a list of helpful resources from the information provided during the webinar.  Please follow the links below;

Commerce Appendix D Proposal: This is the Department of Commerce Memo on Clarifications to Appendix D on post-sale price adjustments.  That memo and the corresponding worksheet (https://enforcement.trade.gov/tomato/forms/Sales_Cost_Form.pdf ) on the DOC website should help when calculating post-sale price adjustments according to the terms of the Tomato Suspension Agreement.

FAQs Inspections and Donations: The Department of Commerce FAQ from March 17, 2020 addresses questions regarding the border inspections and also when/if you are able to donate tomatoes to food banks.  The donation questions start towards the end of the FAQ at question 18.

Sales-Cost Form: This is the Department of Commerce Sales-Cost Post-Sale Adjustment form to help when calculating post-sale adjustments according to the terms of Appendix D of the Agreement.

For additional questions please reach out to a FPAA staff member or visit the Department of Commerce Tomato Suspension Agreement website for a full copy of the Agreement and all DOC forms related to the Agreement.  https://enforcement.trade.gov/tomato/2019-agreement/2019-agreement.html.  

Tomato Box Weight Charts (Updated March 2021)