McSally Bill to Increase Security and Decrease Wait Times at Ports of Entry Heads to Senate

Congresswoman’s Ninth Bill to Pass the House will Modernize CBP’s Global Supply Chain Security Program

WASHINGTON, DC—The House of Representatives today passed U.S. Representative Martha McSally’s legislation to protect global supply chains against terrorist activity. Her bill reauthorizes and modernizes The Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)’s flagship global supply chain security program, for the first time in eleven years. C-TPAT is recognized throughout the world as the premier cargo pre-vetting program, and by improving the program Rep. McSally’s legislation will help companies and ports of entry meet the dynamic threats facing the global supply chain, while ensuring that C-TPAT participants receive tangible benefits for their partnership with CBP, such as being expedited at ports of entry. This, in turn, will cut down on wait times and improve cross-border commerce.

“In the past eleven years, our economy has become more global while terrorists have become more sophisticated. C-TPAT is an innovative solution that boosts our national security while benefiting our economy. This highly successful program enhances cross-border commerce, reduces wait times and inspections for pre-vetted companies at our overburdened and undermanned ports of entry, and boosts our global supply chain’s national security. These important upgrades reflect our modern world, and I am thankful the House acted in bipartisan support of my bill,” said Rep. McSally.

Click HERE or below to watch Rep. McSally’s speech on the House Floor.

Under C-TPAT, companies can choose to partner with CBP to meet high-security standards in exchange for pre-vetted privileges such as shorter wait times and fewer inspections at ports of entry.

While the Safe Port Act of 2006, which first established the program, set a strong foundation for the current success of C-TPAT Rep. McSally’s legislation not only codifies its current structure but also makes three critical updates to the program:

  • Requires CBP to formally liaise with industry stakeholders when implementing new security criteria and provide benefits to all participants at various stages of the CBP vetting and site visit validation process.

  • Reduces redundant inspections on pre-vetted cargo and provides CBP with a mechanism to suspend or expel participants from the program if they fail to abide by security requirements or pose a threat to national security.

  • Establishes a process for CBP, with Congressional oversight requirements, to continuously vet participants to ensure compliance security measures.

This legislation is Rep. McSally’s ninth bill to the pass the House of Representatives since the start of the 115th Congress in January—building on her track record as one of the top most effective members of Congress.

For the full bill text, click HERE.