What are the benefits of being a member of the FPAA?

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Only members of the FPAA have special access to up-to-date reports addressing such topics as daily produce shipments and crossings, terminal market news and information about particular crops. Members also receive local and national legislation updates, world news pertaining to the Mexican produce industry and updates about FPAA projects, efforts and events. The FPAA provides education [...]

Is Mexican produce safe?

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Absolutely! Mexican produce is held to the same high safety standard as U.S. produce. In fact, the FDA tests the safety levels of Mexican fruits and vegetables nine times as stringently as it does domestic produce. Many Mexican growers also contract with U.S.-based, third-party certification companies to make absolutely sure that their safety procedures from the [...]

Who has what kinds of produce?

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The FPAA makes it easy to discover who might be currently carrying the produce you are looking for. Follow this link to determine produce availability. When is the produce I want ready to be shipped? Check our region chart of growing seasons for major varieties.

What kinds of produce come out of Mexico?

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Almost any kind you can think of! Because of Mexico’s diverse growing regions and climates, a huge assortment of produce varieties are available all year round. Read more here: Producers & Suppliers