The FPAA submitted rebuttal comments to the Department of Commerce after the Florida Tomato Exchange (FTE) posted comments to Commerce claiming harmfully low prices during the current tomato season, especially for Roma tomatoes.   The FPAA pointed out the absurdity of FTE claims given the record high pricing for tomatoes this season and given the fact that the Tomato Suspension Agreement sets a floor price for tomatoes that stabilizes the market even when supply increases and price decreases.  Additionally, the FPAA pointed out that U.S. importers working with growers in Mexico were the creators of the Roma market starting from the catastrophic Florida freeze in 1990.  Other key points addressed FTE expansion in Mexico, FTE aggressive purchasing of U.S. regional marketing, repacking, and growing operations, and other information that calls into question the dubious claims from FTE in their latest submission to Commerce.  In addition to the FPAA, other industry allies submitted comments rebutting FTE claims on pricing, including attorneys for the Mexican growers, NatureSweet, Mastronardi, and Texas International Produce Association.  The FPAA will continue to keep members updated with new developments in the Tomato Suspension Agreement issue.