The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas (FPAA) is excited to announce the date for the 2024 Spring Policy Summit, a key one-day event set to take place on April 3, 2024, at the Tubac Golf Resort and Spa in Tubac, Arizona. 

 Dedicated to cultivating meaningful discussions surrounding policies and regulations impacting the importation of fresh produce, the summit has a history of facilitating open dialogues between industry leaders and government agencies from the U.S, Mexico, and Canada. 

 Lance Jungmeyer, President of FPAA, discussed the summit’s significance, stating, “Our commitment is stronger than ever to guide the produce industry through positive changes. Year after year, we find our Policy Summit is a great incubator for innovation and advancements between government and industry.  The 2024 Spring Policy Summit is a unique opportunity for collaboration, education, and shaping the future of our industry.” 

 The FPAA’s Spring Policy Summit 2024 promises an engaging agenda open to all members of the fresh produce industry. Attendees can expect updates on crucial industry topics like trade, policy updates, port of entry operations, a dedicated food safety meeting, and much more. 


 9:00 am– 11:00 am North American Produce Food Safety Working Group  

 12:00 pm– 1:00 pm luncheon and keynote speaker  

 1:15 pm- 4:30 pm Key topics 

 1:15 pm Reducing Impact of Port Disruptions – CBP and other agencies must plan for contingencies when ports are disrupted, such as for migrant issues, but also for other emerging issues. Panelists include CBP, office of Sens. Sinema or Kelly, ADOT, CHB representative 

 2:00 pm Food Safety Hot Topics – Traceability implementation, cantaloupe, Canada using SENASICA SRRC Certification, update from FDA SW Import District  

 2:45 pm DC Update – What’s new politically? What new regulations are coming out?  (organic enforcement) Allison and Garrick 

 3:00 pm Coffee Break 

 3:15 pm Elections – Both Mexico and the US are having major elections in 2024. How might this impact policy and trade? 

 4:00 Tomato Update  

 4:30 pm Closing Cocktail Reception

Interested in making a lasting impression at the SPS24? Sponsorship opportunities at the SPS are an ideal avenue for showcasing companies that play an important role in the industry and elevating brands. For more information, please visit or contact Saul Macias at 

 For more information on the agenda and to register, please visit or contact Saul Macias at 

 Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of a meaningful dialogue at the heart of the southwest fresh produce industry. Stay tuned for more updates!