The USDA regularly updates an excel spreadsheet with new HTS codes for agriculture commodities.  Linked below the is latest list that is effective as of January 1, 2023.  Previous additions to the list included additional HTS codes for tomatoes, bell peppers, and other items.  Now there are new codes listed for various types of cucumbers, squash, chili peppers, grapes and other items.  You can see the most recent additions to the list highlighted in orange, and there is also an organic column to help identify organic codes.

Please work with your custom brokers to ensure you are using the proper HTS codes for the products you import.  If you have any questions, you can contact Allison Moore at or you can reach out to Patty Willkie, the Supply Reports Branch Chief of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crops Market News.

Searchable HTS Code Updates

484(f) Changes for January 1 2023