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FPAA Hosts Meeting with Congressman Greg Stanton

 NOGALES, Az. (07/08/22) – On Thursday, June 7, the FPAA hosted a business roundtable meeting with Rep. Greg Stanton.

 After earlier visiting Customs and Border Protection and Border Patrol, Stanton and his team met with FPAA and community leaders, to discuss topics ranging from trade to infrastructure to labor, trucking and the overall economy. FPAA chairman elect Rod Sbragia spoke about the importance of the Arizona delegation supporting the FPAA position regarding seasonal produce in US trade law. FPAA re-iterated how any change to US dumping law that created a seasonal protection would in-turn invite foreign nations to challenge US exports of fruits and vegetables on the same basis. Stanton, who has signed various letters supporting the FPAA position, said he understood the importance of the industry to Arizona and the nation.

FPAA President Lance Jungmeyer shared details about a just-released University of Arizona economic impact report about the Nogales produce industry, which showed nearly $1 billion in output for Arizona and nearly $5 billion nationwide.

Rep. Stanton, who serves on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, asked about infrastructure needs in Nogales. Participants explained the various needs in the Nogales area, including Exits 12 and 17, and the bridges along Grand Ave. Other leading members of the community, including Santa Cruz County Supervisor Bruce Bracker, were present for this important economic roundtable.

“Congressman Stanton sees the big picture about the border,” said FPAA President Lance Jungmeyer. “From security and trade, to the state’s water crisis, his passion for addressing Arizona’s most pressing needs is evident.”

About the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas:
Founded in 1944 in Nogales, Arizona, the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas has grown to become one of the most influential agricultural groups in the United States. Today, the FPAA provides a powerful voice for improvement and sustainability by serving the needs of more than 100 North American companies involved in the growth, harvest, marketing, import, and distribution of produce.