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The FPAA and the Mexican Produce Industry

Mexican Agriculture's Commitment to Social Responsibility

For over 100 years, Mexican farmers have provided U.S. consumers with year-round access to nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables and created hundreds of thousands of jobs across the supply chain in both countries.

The vast majority of Mexican fresh produce is grown in a sustainable and socially responsible manner on some of the most technologically advanced farms in the world. Most are still family owned and operated. And in these families, the legacies are defined by a respect for the land, the people who help them grow, and the consumers who buy their fresh fruits and vegetables.

For generations, growers have provided workers and their families with opportunities for schooling and a better life. We believe the only place for children on the farms is in schools and daycare centers. So we have successfully worked with the Mexican government for 10 years to eradicate child labor. Our work will continue until we reach our goal.

Workers return to the same farms every year because of our competitive wages and benefits. When factoring in both wages and benefits, their average compensation in Sinaloa, for instance, is nearly five times the daily minimum wage in Mexico. Those no-cost benefits include housing, access to medical and dental care, healthy meals, schools and free day care, vacation pay, workers compensation insurance, retirement and other benefits proscribed in the collective contract with the farm workers union.

Social responsibility is a process of continuous learning and improvement. That's why leading trade associations across Mexico are working together to provide our farmers with new information resources and training to enhance their knowledge.