Below you will find a recap of the 2022 Grape Press conference hosted by AALPUM. Please reach out with any questions.

Items to Note

  • The data below represents potential crop estimates for ALL markets, including all export markets and domestic shipments
  • All information presented reflects production from the State of Sonora. This includes the Obregon, Guaymas, Hermosillo and Caborca Districts. Jalisco production is not reflected on the charts below.
  • Please note that the Cotton Candy listing only includes the Cotton Candy variety and not other flavored varieties that exist
  • Other flavored varieties are considered in the total estimate under their respective color


  • AALPUM will provide a second update in 2-3 weeks (more details to come)
  • The 2022 season began earlier than previous years, the first boxes are expected to be ready on May 1st
  • This year, AALPUM estimates 7 weeks of promotional volumes
  • New varieties have seen a 40% increase
  • Overall volume is up by 17%

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