A Look at 2017 for the FPAA

What a fantastic year it was! We had a truly wonderful 2017, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s a quick look at what we accomplished.

In 2017 we launched our new website with updated information and resources! After several months of hard work and dedication by the FPAA staff we were delighted to announce that we launched the new site. The website was redesigned to improve overall structure and usability. As well as an improved way to communicate with members through integrated social media buttons for Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.

FPAA staff and members attended the United Fresh Conference September 17-20, in Washington, D.C. In the face of potential changes on trade, the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas led a delegation of members, staff and partners on visits to lawmakers, regulators and media in Washington, D.C.The FPAA delegation was large and loud, and the opportunities for visits were so many that we split into two to three teams at almost all times.

Tomateros Baseball Clinic

The FPAA also held the first ever Tomateros Baseball Clinic! 30 children participated in the Tomateros Baseball Clinic d in Nogales, Arizona. Children participating in this event had the opportunity to be coached by the famous and experienced Tomateros of Culiacan. A big thank you to the Club Tomateros De Culiacan, the Nogales Apaches, and the Ley family for helping put all this together and being there for the kids. Also, thank you to all the participants and their parents for making this clinic such a success.

FPAA members and staff attended a Food Loss Reduction Workshop at Hacienda Coronado. The workshop highlighted setting priorities to foster innovation in the Nogales-Tucson Fresh Corridor, which was hosted by The Center for Regional Food Studies. The workshop brought together a group of individuals from a variety of industries, including the produce industry, food safety, composting and much more. One of the main goals of the workshop was to brainstorm new initiatives for supporting and funding food loss reduction, along with ways to create new jobs in this initiative.

49th Annual Nogales Produce Convention: Hundreds of people attended the 49th Annual Nogales Produce Convention on Nov. 2-4. The convention opened on Thursday morning with Educational Sessions that included a variety of speakers from marketing to technology. We also incorporated our first ever NAFTA Panel which was informative and insightful. Later that evening we kicked off the Nogales Produce Convention with the Opening Fiesta and Networking Event where we had close to 600 people enjoy food and drinks as they met with others involved in the produce industry.

NAFTA Panel at the 49th Annual Nogales Produce Convention

On Friday, Nov. 3 we began our day with golf at the Tubac Golf Resort. It was a beautiful day to golf and many people enjoyed the beautiful Arizona mountains. The 2nd Culinary Showcase took place from 11am to 2pm and incorporated food made with fresh fruits and vegetables donated from local produce companies! People loved the food choices and music. We can’t wait for the 3rd Annual Culinary Showcase next year!

Jaime and James Chamberlain

Later that afternoon attendees had the opportunity to ride on a helicopter for a tour of the United States/Mexico border. Friday evening at the Convention Gala, James and Sylvia Chamberlain were awarded the Pillar of the FPAA Award for their commitment to the produce industry. We concluded the Nogales Produce Convention with golf at Canoa Ranch in Green Valley Arizona on Saturday, Nov. 4.

Thank you to all who attended the convention this year. To those of you who didn’t—you were missed, but next year FPAA is celebrating its 50th Annual Nogales Produce Convention, and it will be even more exciting and eventful! We hope to see you there!

FPAA Members and Staff with Melanie Lehnhardt, Legislative Assistant to Senator Flake

The FPAA also worked hard to advocate for you! This year the association worked on several key projects including an effort to further improve Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary (SPS) procedures, addressing Customs staffing deficiencies, as well as seeking ways to expand market access. The FPAA also made huge strides addressing the NAFTA renegotiations by submitting numerous comments and feedback to the federal government with suggestions on how to build on the successes of NAFTA.

Chris Ciruli, gives a presentation and tour of the Ciruli Brothers Warhouse

Under the guidance of the FPAA Board of Directors, we have made strides toward improved infrastructure needs that will make your business run smoother and easier. We worked closely with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) to provide solutions to SR-189 and exits at Ruby Road and Rio Rico Drive by submitting official comments. These comments highlighted key points beneficial to member companies.  This improvement would not have been possible without your support.

Your contributions also provide the strong base for FPAA to advocate on your behalf with the Food and Drug Administration, Arizona Department of Transportation, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and so many others, including corresponding agencies in Mexico.

We also worked with several produce distributing companies to provide tours for members involved with OLLI-UA. Allison Moore of the FPAA worked closely with Olli-UA to provide presentations and tours of local fresh produce companies to adults over the age of 50 seeking to continue a lifelong learning program. Last year we had tours of Malena Produce, Ciruli Brothers Warehouse, and many more. We hope to continue with this in 2018.

For 2018 we are looking forward to the Spring Policy Summit, Sustainability Expo, our 50th Annual Nogales Produce Convention and much more! This year will be the 50th Anniversary and we are excited to see whats in store. We hope to make this years convention unforgettable!

We would also like to take some time to thank our members. Thank you for your continued support and for making everything possible.

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