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University of Arizona Publishes U.S. Cucumber Supply Report

The UA College of Agriculture & Life Sciences report showcases a detailed overview of cucumber supply in the U.S.

NOGALES, Az. (January 26, 2022) – The University of Arizona (UA), College of Agriculture & Life Sciences recently published a report about the supply trends for cucumbers in the U.S. The report was created Daniel Scheitrum, Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Arizona. The report explores various contributing factors to U.S. cucumber supply including, origins of product, pricing, variety, and trade.

During the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas (FPAA,) 52nd Nogales Produce Convention, a session was dedicated to providing a detailed overview of the report and the opportunity for attendees to ask questions. The full report is available here: https://economics.arizona.edu/us-cucumber-supply

The report identifies the U.S. as a major importer of cucumbers to supply the growing demand and consumer preferences for specific cucumber varieties. It also states that most of U.S. domestic cucumber production and imports from Canada occur in the summer months, while U.S. imports of cucumbers from Mexico occur but primarily during the winter months.

The report includes a section addressing multiple attributes and their impacts on pricing. The data in this section is divided into size, origin, and market trends. A comparison between domestic and imported products is provided in each section.

The report also addresses trade disputes and provides a brief overview of the trade investigations from the United States International Trade Commission and the request of U.S. growers to open new investigations.

The University of Arizona study supports recent findings in the U.S. International Trade Commission report on cucumbers that shows the importance of cucumbers grown in Mexico in the U.S. market, especially because of their high quality, diverse varieties, and consistent supply.

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