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Featured Story In The News More news... "I applaud FPAA’s commitment on developing into leaders of the fresh produce industry." "Our presence is important. The FPAA staff is knowledgable and helpful. They attend grape convention and the PMA event. They are supportive and [...]

The FPAA’s Annual Convention is Just Around the Corner!

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  Wow! I can’t believe we’re almost there. Autumn is in the air and produce is starting to move, which means it’s time for FPAA’s Fall Convention, and we have a great lineup in store for you. From networking to golf to cuisine to education, there really is something for everyone. Let me walk you through what we’ve [...]


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Staff Lance Jungmeyer is President of the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas (FPAA), an industry association representing importers of Mexican produce, based in Nogales, Ariz. In addition to his role at FPAA, Jungmeyer is Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Border Trade Alliance, and he is active on the International [...]

Food Safety

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The FPAA and its members are absolutely dedicated to providing consumers with safe, healthy, and flavorful fresh fruits and vegetables, every bite, every time. Produce exported from Mexico is subject to the same strict standards as produce grown in the U.S. In fact, Mexican produce is tested for safety by the Food and Drug [...]

Produce and Suppliers

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Mexico offers global buyers year-round availability of fresh, safe and flavorful produce grown with respect for the land and its workers. The fertile soil and produce-friendly microclimates of the country's diverse grower regions offer consumers around the world with a wide variety of the highest-quality fresh fruits and vegetables. While growing methods vary, Mexico is a [...]


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Become a member The FPAA represents U.S. importers and like-minded companies involved in importing and distributing produce from Mexico across the U.S., Canada, and beyond. Membership provides you with an abundance of resources and exclusive benefits. Our constituency is diverse, and includes companies collectively focused on continued fair market access for fresh produce [...]