To Favor a Few Agribusinesses, U.S. NAFTA Objective Would Hurt All Consumers- August 9, 2017

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WHY SHOULD I CARE? Companies involved in the trade of perishable agriculture commodities need to be aware that a small group of politically connected, wealthy agribusiness firms from Florida are seeking concessions from the Federal government to effectively subsidize their industry by raising prices, an act that would deprive Americans of affordable fruits and vegetables.  As [...]

Successful FPAA Spring Policy Summit

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Speakers from Washington D.C., Mexico City and various other regions joined the Fresh Produce Association of the America (FPAA), its members and other participants from the industry in important discussions that took place during the Spring Policy Summit 2016 on March 15-16 at the Tubac Golf Resort. Among these speakers were U.S. government officials representing the [...]