Fresh Produce Association of The Americas
Fresh Produce Association of the Americas

Fresh Produce Review by Gruszka Consulting data ending 11-1-15

• Fruit pounds are up higher than dollars for the last 13 & 52 week time periods which points to lower pricing. The last 4 week data, dollars were gaining faster. We will have continue to monitor that trend to see if it continues.

• Overall dollar trends for the last 4 & 13 week periods are stronger than the 52 week trends which points to accelerating growth. This was true as of the last update as well.

• We can now safely call Avocados & Tangerines are the perpetual "teenagers" in terms of $ growth (their growth rates are in the teens). Avocados are even higher in Lb. growth with a +21% trend versus year ago.

• Price per pound is down in 7 of the 8 regions. In the last update the pricing was down in 7 of 8 regions as well.

• Vegetables continue to show different results than the fruit category

• Dollar sales are growing faster than pound sales in all time periods.

• There continues to be a significant gap in the last 4 and 13 week numbers, The 4 week gap was 3.1% and the 13 week gap was 4%.

• Bagged salads - Bagged Salads - Bagged Salads. They were up 20.8% in $s vs year ago. While other categories showed positive trends, no other category was up in double digits.

• For the second update in a row, the potato, onion, and carrot categories all showed negative trends.

• Pricing was up in each and every region versus year ago and CA was up over 8% versus YAG. In the last update, CA was up over 8% as well.



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