Fresh Produce Association of The Americas
Fresh Produce Association of the Americas

FPAA Reacts to Final Tomato Trade Deal

March 5, 2013 - The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas (FPAA) congratulates the negotiating team representing Mexican tomato growers for their hard work on behalf of the industry in reaching a final agreement. Because it provides continuity, the finalized agreement is a win for U.S. jobs, U.S. companies, and U.S. consumers.

"We stand fully behind the Mexican growers in implementing the new tomato suspension agreement," said Lance Jungmeyer, President of FPAA. "Their tireless efforts to maintain market access for Mexican tomatoes mean that consumers will still be able to find the quality and diversity of tomatoes that they have grown to prefer at the supermarket and in restaurants. The agreement will ensure continued stability in the tomato supply chain."

The new tomato agreement continues an agreement that was originally negotiated in 1996 and was renegotiated and renewed in both 2002 and 2008. Jungmeyer said, "The U.S. distributors and the tens of thousands of U.S. individuals that rely on Mexican tomatoes for their livelihoods are now moving forward to implement the new agreement with minimal disruptions for customers. We will continue to supply the superior, vine-ripe tomatoes that consumers prefer. We will continue creating new, cutting-edge technology and researching advanced growing practices. As our members and their growing partners have done for generations, we will continue to innovate, adapt, and advance."

About the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas:
The FPAA is a nonprofit trade association headquartered in Nogales, Arizona, that represents over 120 U.S. member companies involved in growing, packing, sales and transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables grown in Mexico. The FPAA leverages the efforts of private companies and partner-associations to increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetable from Mexico. Produce from Mexico accounts for approximately 37 percent of fruit and vegetable consumption in the U.S. during the winter months. The Mariposa Port of Entry located in Nogales, Arizona, is the largest port of entry for fresh produce imported into the U.S. from Mexico.

CONTACT: Lance Jungmeyer, 520-287-2707

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